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Family Comments

We conduct annual Family Evaluations and following are some of the comments we've received from satisfied clients:

“Thank you so much for a year full of learning and a whole new world that you share with our little girl.”  A.S. 

“Thank you for a wonderful year.  The kids learned so much and they loved school and their Teachers!” J.A.

 “Miss Missy-Thank you for helping me read”  I.M. (written at age 5)

"To the Staff of Little Learners:  I would like to thank you all for everything you have done for Angjelica-she loves and will miss you.  She is sad to leave Little Learners but is excited to start Kindergarten.  Thanks again-LR

"God only sends very special people like you to teach our babies and to give them what they need to begin their path to success!  Thank you again.  You are truly appreciated.  Thanks, PGU

"Thank you for making this year so special for Casey.  You are amazing! JB

"You have a great PreK! Gabe loved it there and will miss it when we are gone!  Keep up the wonderful work with a great Staff!  CR

"Miss Missy-Thank you for being such a great teacher.  I am going to miss you when I go to Kindergarten next year."  AG (written at age 5)